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19 of Bashans, 1740

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Contemplations on the Sermon on the Mount
by: H. H. Pope Shenouda III

Publisher : COEPA

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Some people say that the insights of the "Sermon on the Mount" are the statutes and the regulations of Christianity and we add that they are the highest instructions ever known to man. With these teachings, Our Lord Jesus Christ spoke to all people. This proves that perfection can be offered to all human beings and that everyone has, in his inmost soul, the readiness to listen to these valuable instructions and highest principles, to love them and be fully content in them, whatever obstacles meet his will to listen. It was fitting that these heavenly words should be delivered from the top of a high mountain in order that the audience, during their ascent, might elevate their souls to the standard with which they would be able to understand such instructions.


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