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6 of Baramouda, 1740

Gregorian Calender

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<Tout 1740>
<Baba 1740>

October 4, 2023 - Tout 23, 1740

Martyrdom of Saints Onanius and Andrews

On this day was the martyrdom of the righteous Saints Onanius and Andrews, his brother. These saints were the sons of elders of the city of Led, and from their youth they had agreed on becoming monks. They went to the holy and honorable Abba Macarius, and they became his disciples and dwelt with him for three years, during which they fasted and prayed continually with love and humility, and their report was heard everywhere. They chose Onanius to be a bishop and Andrews to be a priest. They shepherded the flock of Christ with the best care. The conquered their souls and bodies. Julian, the infidel emperor, heard about them, and he had them brought to him. He commanded them to deny there faith in the Lord Christ, and to adopt paganism. When they would not obey his commands, he tortured them severly and they yielded up their spirits in the hand of the Lord Christ to Him is the glory. Each received three crowns: one for monastic life, strenous fighting and asceticism; one for priesthood and guarding of flock against the devilish wolves; and a third one for martyrdom and the shedding of blood for the Christian faith. May their prayers and blessings be with us all. Amen.

Commemoration of the Martyrdom of St. Takla

On this day also is the commemoration of the holy martyr, St. Takla, the bride of Christ. May her prayers be for us all. Amen.

Re-Opening of St. Mary's Church in Haret El-Rum

On this day also of the year 1029, of the martyrs, the Church of the Virgin in Haret El-Rum in Cairo was opened after having been closed for eleven years. May her prayers and blessings be with us all, and Glory be to God forever. Amen