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15 of Paona, 1740

Gregorian Calender

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<Baba 1740>
<Hatour 1740>

October 13, 2023 - Baba 2, 1740

Coming of St. Severus the Patriarch of Antioch to Egypt

On this day St. Severus the Patriarch of Antioch came to Egypt in the days of Eustinos the Emperor who opposed the Orthodox belief, following that of the council of Chalcedon. Queen Theodora, his wife, was an Orthodox and she loved St. Severus because of his Christian virtues and his true faith. The Emperor issued his orders to slay St. Severus. The Queen besought the saint to escape to save himself but he refused saying, I am ready to die holding the Orthodox faith however, as the Queen and the God-loving brethren insisted, he and some brethren came to Egypt.

When the Emperor sought for him and did not find him, he sent soldiers after him. But God hid St. Severus from the soldiers and they did not see him although he was close to them. When he came to Egypt, he went disguised from place to place and from monastery to monastery, and God made many signs and wonders by his hands. One day, he went to the desert of Scete, at Wadi-El Natroun, and he entered the church in the uniform of a stranger monk and a great miracle happened at that moment. It came to pass that after the priests had placed the bread (Kourban) on the altar and gone around the church censing, and after the reading of the epistles and the gospels, he lifted off the Ebrospharin (covering), and did not fin the Kourban in the paten; so, he was disturbed and wept. He turned towards the worshippers saying, O my brethren, i did not find El Kourban in the paten, and I know not whether this thing has happened because of my sin or because of your sin. The people wept; and, straightaway the angel of the Lord appeared to the priest and told him, This has not happened because of your sin or the sin of the worshippers but because you offered El Kourban in the presence of the Patriarch. The priest replied, And where is he, my Lord? The angel pointed towards him. St. Severus was standing in a corner of the church and the priest recognized by the grace of the holy spirit. When the priest came to Abba Severus, he commanded him to continue the liturgy after they brought him to the altar with great honor. When the priest had gone up to the altar he found the offering on the paten as before. They all praised God and glorified His Holy name. St. Severus went forth from that place and came to the city of Sakha where he dwelt with a rich man named Dorotheus, who was a lover of God, and he remained there until his departure. May his prayers and blessings be with us all and Glory be to God forever. Amen