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11 of Epep, 1740

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The Coptic morning service for the Lord's day
by: John, Marquis of Bute

Publisher : J. Masters

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The object of the present little book is to provide English speaking travellers in Egypt with a means of following intelligently the Sunday morning service of the native Christians. The writer hopes that, at the same time, it may be of some interest to those who occupy themselves with philology or Liturgiology. The Coptic Liturgies were translated into Latin long ago by Renaudot, whose translation has been translated into English by Dr. Neale, and reprinted by Mr. Hammond; and fresh translations from the original language have been made by Mr. Malan. But these works were executed without familiarity with the present use, being based entirely upon medireval MSS., which seem moreover to contain hardly anything but the parts read by the Priest. The reader may easily convince himself by comparing them with the form of the service here placed before him, how very little they would enable him to follow the actual usage.


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