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8 of Epep, 1740

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Publisher : COEPA

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Sent by: Fr. Elijah Fanous

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Egypt has always been the cradle of monastic life, since the founder of monasticism is St Anthony the great, who is from Upper Egypt. In Christian life, the effect of monasticism in relation to the church is like the role of the heart in relation to the body. It preserves life. My dear reader, come with me and enter a wonderful, very colourful garden full of different flowers, of different colours, fragances and shapes. This garden is monastic life with all its magnificent saints. Great work has been done by Mark Mikhael, a blessed young man from the Coptic Orthodox Church in Melbourne, Australia. May the blessings of this angelic monastic life, and of our beloved saints and the prayers of our honourable Patriarch Pope Shenouda III be with us all.


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