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12 of Epep, 1740

Gregorian Calender

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<Toba 1740>
<Amshir 1740>

January 18, 2024 - Toba 9, 1740

Departure of Abba Abraam, Companion of Abba Gawarga

On this day the blessed St. Abraam departed. His father was a pious man, merciful and kind to the poor. Because of his piety and good nature, he was entrusted to look after the treasury of his village, as well as that of the neighboring villages. When Egypt suffered a famine, he gave all he had to the needy. As for St. Abraam's mother, she lived in the fear of God and Satan envied her, and provoked an evil man against her. As a result, he accused her to the Persians who captured and took her to Persia. During her captivity, one night she saw in a vision, one who told her; you shall return to your country. Shortly thereafter, the vision was fulfilled and she returned to her country, Egypt, safely.

After her husband's death, she wanted her son, Abraam, to be married, but he refused and told her of his desire for monastic life, and she rejoiced. As she bid him farewell at the outskirts of the city, she lifted up her arms toward heaven and prayed saying, Please Lord, accept him from me as an offering. St. Abraam went to the wilderness of Sheheet (Scetis), where he became a monk and a disciple of St. Yoannis, the Archpriest of the wilderness. Abba Abraam led an extremely harsh monastic life, exerting himself with long fasts and many worships. One day, St. Abraam saw the roof of his cell opened and the Lord Jesus came down, riding a heavenly chariot, and the Cherubim were praising Him. Abba Abraam knelt down in great fear and the Lord blessed him. Then the Lord Christ ascended to heaven. A sign remained in the roof of his cell as a commemoration of this visitation. His cell was near the cell of his spiritual father Abba Yoannis, which is known by Babgeeh. An angel of the Lord used to visit Abba Abraam from time to time to comfort him. One day he went to Mount Orion where he met with St. Gawarga. St. Gawarga came back with Anba Abraam to the wilderness of Sheheet and stayed with Abba Abraam until the day of their departure. After the departure of Abba Yoannis to heaven, Abba Abraam became ill for 18 years. When the time of his departure drew near, Abba Abraam received the Holy Mysteries. Anba Yoannis appeared to him in the spirit and told him that the Lord Christ had prepared for him a heavenly banquet. Abba Abraam departed in peace at the age of 80. May His prayers be with us and Glory be to our God forever. Amen.